As a natural light child photographer who shoots mostly outdoors, my business is somewhat seasonal. Between the holidays and the cold weather, things typically slow down a bit for me during the winter months, but that lull seems to get shorter and shorter each year! 2017 has proven to be no different. February flew by in a whirlwind of princess mini-sessionschild modeling/acting photo sessions, and styled shoots. March was packed with sessions on the farm, maternity and family sessions, and spring school pictures

The busy season has certainly kicked off in full force for Freckled Flower Photography, but that doesn’t mean things slow down in other areas of my life. Between growing my photography business, school commitments, extracurriculars, and family responsibilities, I often feel like I’m running in circles — feeling simultaneously fabulous and freaked out! I wouldn’t change a thing, of course, but a typical day in my house can definitely be a little crazy. It’s a constant balancing act between mom and business owner and artist. It’s a good thing I love what I do!

But even when you’re lucky enough to do what you love, you still need some coping strategies to keep you centered when life gets crazy. So here you’ll find, in no particular order Jennifer’s Secrets for Staying Sane:

Embrace the Mess

Life with kids is messy. Stop trying to fight it and embrace the mess. Get in on the action and create some of your own. Whether it’s mud and rain puddles or glitter and chalk (for hair nonetheless!) – stop fighting it and just go with it. It’s will make life easier – and a lot more fun. Clean up still sucks, but at least you had some fun to show for it. 

Know When To Step Away from Technology…

Sometimes, you just have to put the phone down. As moms, there are times when we have no choice but to multitask, but watching emails roll in on your phone when you are trying to entertain your 2 year old during your 6 year old’s soccer practice just causes unnecessary stress. Do I prefer to answer my clients quickly? Of course, but there are very few professional photography emergencies. When I remind myself of that, it makes it easier for me to put the phone down and enjoy some time with my kids. 

…And Know When to Embrace It

I know; I know. Screen time is bad. But sometimes, you just have to hand your kids an ipad or put them in front of the TV in order to get stuff done. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Which leads me to…

Banish Mommy Guilt

We all feel it for one reason or another, but mommy guilt is counterproductive! It’s hard to drown out the negativity in your own head, but do what you can to speak kindly to yourself and cut yourself some slack. 

Always Say Yes to Snuggles

I feel like I’m running around like a crazy person 99% of the time, but if one of my kids asks me for a hug/snuggle/kiss/to hold them – well, call me a sucker, but I’m going to say yes every time. Even if we’re late. Even if I’m irritated. Even if he’s been acting like a brat all morning. Especially if he’s been acting like a brat all morning. It’s in these moments that I realize, maybe we’re moving a little too fast, trying to do a little too much, and maybe, just maybe, giving a snuggle is the most important thing I could possibly do in that moment. 

Moments of Silence

In the chaos of life, try to find at least a few moments of silence to meditate or pray or just zone out. Even if you have to find them in the bathroom — do what you need to do to claim them!


Experts say the happiest people are those who count their blessings, and I agree 100%. It’s easy to get caught up in our to do lists and focus on what’s missing in our lives or where we’re falling short, but try to take a few minutes every day to think about all that we have to be thankful for. 

Get Enough Sleep

I may be a bit of a hypocrite adding this one to the list, but I never said I adhere to these tips 100% of the time. Sleep is so important to our well-being though, so if at all possible, I get to bed early. I’m just a kinder happier person when I’m well-rested — and I’d bet you are too.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for the moment. My tips for staying sane. What would you add to the list? Come and tell me on the Freckled Flower Facebook page

About the Child Photographer

Jennifer McCarren of Freckled Flower Photography specializes in newborn, child photography and family photography in North Atlanta, Georgia locations such as AlpharettaMiltonRoswell, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Marietta and Canton.

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